One of Marche‘s cultural capitals, the city of Macerata spreads over a hilltop in a beautiful spot. Located between the Adriatic Sea and Apennine Mountains, it enjoys a near-perfect setting surrounded by rolling hills covered with olive groves and grape vines, with a plethora of pretty hill towns dotting the countryside.

Founded by the Romans at a lower site near the Potenza River, the city was sacked by the Goths but emerged relatively unscathed by the series of invaders that plagued other regions. It became a free city-state in 1138. The Renaissance period saw the most prosperity and splendor, and there are many palazzi lining the streets to testify to Macerata’s glory years. It is a beautiful and lively city, lived-in and enjoyed by its residents, with cultural activities that draw Marchigiani from around the region to participate.

Today, Macerata is a small town of approximately 42,000 which rises to 315m a.s.l. It is the Provincial Town, which covers 57 Municipal Zones, and is characterised for being a city of services whose historical cultural vocation, which has conferred the name of “the Athens of the Marche” on it, sees to it that there is a definite cultural vivacity by way of its two theatres, the Sferisterio Arena (a magnificent, Neoclassical open-air opera theatre), as well as by its “Lauro Rossi” theatre (for its season of prose theatre), by the activities organized by the University and the initiatives of cultural associations in the town itself.

How to reach Macerata

The nearest airports to Macerata are:
1) Ancona – Falconara Airport (only 70 km from Macerata)
2) Pescara Airport
3) Rimini Airport
4) Rome Airports:
– Fiumicino
– Ciampino
5) Bologna Airport
6) Forlì Airport
7) Perugia Airport
8) Milan airports

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