Master Degree in International Relations University of Macerata


Located in Macerata, where the University was established in 1290 – the ninth oldest in the world -,our Master’s Degree in INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS / IR, run by the Department of Political Science, Communication and International Relations, offers the benefit of small classes in a fresh and interactive environment. Courses are taught with a special attention to the current development and phenomena in each field, and students are always encouraged to nurture their own critical approach and supported to express their skills and follow their inclination.

When engaged in confrontations during and after classes, IR students bring with them the specialty of their different heritage, upbringing and education – an invaluable asset to learn more and better.

IR puts together the institutional perspective of a school of government and the empirical, in-the-field approach of business studies – many interdisciplinary, highly interwoven opportunities for the ideal cultural equipment to those interested as a vocation in decoding the complexities of our world and in taking part in its processes.



If you hold an International Diploma and are applying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree programme at UNIMC, you can follow an online pre-evaluation procedure.

For detailed information about the admission deadlines and requirements for students with an international diploma, you can visit the dedicated webpage.

Non-EU citizens living outside of Italy must pre-enrol at an Italian Embassy or Consulate in their countries of origin or residence before the prescribed deadline set each year by the Italian Ministry of Education and Research – generally between March and July.

To complete your enrolment, you must return the application form to the Student Administration Office of the respective Department, by enclosing:
• Your duly signed online application form;
• A copy, front and back, of your valid I.D.;
• Two passport-size photographs;
• For non-EU citizens: a copy of a valid residence permit or an application receipt
for such permit;
• A copy of your Tax Code Number;
• A copy of the receipt confirming you have paid the first instalment of your tuition fees;
• Any other necessary documents.


The maximum fees for a full-time enrolment in the bachelor’s and master’s programmes
is approximately € 1560,00 which include
€ 140,00 regional tax for the right to study and the € 16,00 for the tax stamp.

Tuition fees are to be paid in 4 instalments.
1st instalment deadline (€ 156,00) is October 31. 2nd instalment deadline is January 31.
3rd instalment deadline is March 31.
4th instalment deadline is May 31.