University of Pisa is so good and everyone who studies here is very lucky to be part of such a good university. Moreover, Italy is a beautiful country and you have time to travel during the week end and see amazing cities. I loved Milano!
experience: Computer Science @ University of Pisa
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Gizem, 23
The teachers really make learning interesting and fun, especially when the topic is hard to understand or when we feel a bit tired from our lessons!
The program really helped me to improve my resume and practice my interview skills.
experience: English Economics and Business Management @ Roma La Sapienza
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Berk , 24
At Pisa, we help each other develop, to become better professionals and better people. It's just amazing to see this transformation in people: someone who was calm and shy became a great speaker; another classmate who preferred to be alone became a great team player.
experience: English Business Informatics @ University of Pisa
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Melek , 22

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