Italy is one of the most advanced European countries, with students coming for study and research purpose from all around the world. StudentsWorld’s services are aimed at helping foreign students who want to attend degree courses offered by a number of prestigious Italian universities. In particular, StudentsWorld provides orientation and information desk services (delivered remotely or in presence throughout exhibition events); guidance during the whole student’s application process; visa’s procedure assistance; on-site services at arrival, and much more.

The Italian educational framework is automatically recognized in 42 other Countries; a degree earned in Italy is formally equivalent to a degree earned in UK, Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and in many more countries who share the ECTS credit system.

When a Non-European student graduates in Italy, he/she has the right to stay in the European Union area (Schengen Countries) for at least 1 year searching for a job or creating a consulting firm. Non-European students are also allowed to work in Italy, while studying, in a part time mode (knowledge of Italian is recommended for this matter).

Public universities in Italy are subsidized by the Italian government; most of the costs are sustained by the central government. There are no differences in tuition fees between Italians and foreigners: all students pay their tuition depending upon the family income (the richer the student is, the more he/she pays). Tuition fees range from total exemption (for lower income students) to a maximum of 5,000 euros per year (for very specialized programs, such as bachelors and masters in Business Administration). Most of the programs taught in English cost less than 2,000 euros per year.