Master Degree in Fine Arts Rome University of Fine Arts - RUFA


The Master in Fine Arts is the natural continuation of the Bachelor of Arts in Painting and Visual Arts and Sculpture and Installations. Nevertheless, it may also be attended by students who come from other educational backgrounds and who wish to complete their studies by studying contemporary art.

The Master of Arts is divided into 3 curricula: Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking, which share the same structure and vocation. These courses are in English and are the best solution to perfect, enrich and enhance the preparation of artists, creative professionals and cultural operators. During each academic year, 6 one-week master classes will involve students in many projects under the guidance of internationally renowned artists and professionals.

In a strongly stimulating and practical environment, students will have the opportunity of studying in an in-depth manner all of the practical and theoretical aspects related to each curriculum and to contemporary art such as: installations, performances, video art, public art, art criticism and the art market.

Nowadays artists are multidisciplinary professionals that are increasingly in demand by companies and creative entities that value their ability to find innovative and surprising visual and design solutions. The artist works closely with companies and businesses, for the success of projects and events.

The 21st century artist is one who transforms the perception of reality by creating new aesthetics and many different worlds. For this reason, studying Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking through this Master of Arts is an investment for the future of our culture.

Students are required to submit a certificate that demonstrates their knowledge of the English language (B2 level).