Bachelor Degree in Painting and Visual Arts Rome University of Fine Arts - RUFA


We will teach you to paint starting with a traditional approach before moving on to master the latest techniques. Bringing art, the future and a profession within your grasp along a single educational pathway.

Visual arts are the most ancient creative activities. The skills and talents of the artist are still in need today. RUFA teaches young people how to express themselves. They start from tradition while mastering contemporary techniques: painting, video, performance art, installations, electronic art. The modern visual artist must be aware of history as well as of the times in which we live. RUFA helps its students to combine art, future, and professionalism into a single project. The job opportunities of students that have attended their BA in Painting are in the fields of visual art, graphic art, and painting as a pure artistic form of expression. Thanks to their studies in specific areas (contemporary art history, photography, and audiovisual, pictorial, graphic, and figurative techniques and technologies) RUFA graduates can work as curators of exhibition spaces, art directors for cultural events, graphic designers, and as art publishers. Any one of these art sectors can select them thanks to their high-level  training in visual arts, aesthetics, phenomenology of the contemporary art, and organisation of art spaces and concepts.

Admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Painting is subject to the possession of requirements recognized by means of an admission test. Applicants holding a high school diploma in arts can matriculate directly without taking the admission test.
Admission tests include:
a) MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST: logical aptitude and general knowledge question (the test is 50 minutes long). DSA candidates are given 30% more time for the test, lasting 65 minutes
b) ARTISTIC TESTS: freestyle drawing and sketching (the test is 6 hours long)
c) ORAL TEST: motivational interview with the possible presentation of a portfolio

Students are required to submit a certificate that demonstrates their knowledge of the English language (B2 level).