Bachelor Degree in Design for Humans Rome University of Fine Arts - RUFA


With this course the designers of the future can start reinventing the world today, changing the way we think of cities, applied prosthetic robotics, haptic perception, and digital devices.

RUFA is the best Academy to prepare you for your future as a skilled and up-to-date designer: it has been forming creatives for over 20 years. This course will provide you with a solid professional and business foundation that you can apply in product design, architectural and interior design, the film and video industry, scientific, robotic and prosthetic manufacturing enterprises. And while you spend three years enjoying the beauty and history of Rome, you may be inventing a future application that the whole world will be using some day.

Admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Design is subject to the possession of requirements recognized by means of an admission test. Applicants holding a high school diploma with specialization in subjects similar to the Course and with a final mark >80/100 can matriculate directly without taking the admission test.

Admission tests include:
a) MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST: logical aptitude and general knowledge question (the test is 50 minutes long). DSA candidates are given 30% more time for the test, lasting 65 minutes
b) ORAL TEST: motivational interview with the possible presentation of a portfolio

Students are required to submit a certificate that demonstrates their knowledge of the English language (B2 level).