Master of Science In Mechanical Engineering Design University of Rome Sapienza

The Master Program in Mechanical Engineering includes a two-year Master of Science program in Mechanical Engineering Design.

The program is designed to provide young engineers with advanced university education on R&D design processes and the development of innovative technical solutions through an interdisciplinary approach and problem solving.

Students may also attend advanced courses on core subjects such as: turbo-machinery design, energy power plants and renewable energy systems, CAD-CAE methods, production systems and operations management, and control systems and dynamics.

Applicants are expected to have a strong academic background in mechanical engineering (a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering is preferred) and advanced knowledge of mathematics and physics.

Graduating engineers will be ready for employment in both private and public industry, R&D departments or to apply for further studies.

For detailed information about the application process (requirements and deadlines), scholarships or if you are interested in taking classes in Italian, please write to