Master of Science in Environmental Sciences Ca' Foscari University of Venice

This Second Cycle Degree Program provides students with the high qualification and specialization needed to apply investigation methods, plan environmental recovery and reclamation interventions, evaluate environmental resources, manage and plan the territory as well as the coastal and marine systems, manage renewable energy sources, environmental-related technologies and clean products and processes.

Students are encouraged and supported to develop training in specific professional fields. The degree program is divided into three curricula: Control and Environmental Rehabilitation (in Italian), Evaluation and Management of Environmental Systems (in Italian), Global Environmental Change (in English).

This Second Cycle Degree Program produces highly qualified specialists able to operate, through their multidisciplinary skills, in prevention, diagnosis and solution to environmental issues. They may hold positions of responsibility in projects and facilities management. Graduates in Environmental Sciences may take the professional licensing examination to register on the Italian roll of Agronomists and Experts in Forest-related Sciences (section A), Architects (Landscape Planners Sector), Biologists and Geologists.

To be admitted to this Second Cycle Degree Program students must possess a proper individual educational background and the minimum curricular requirements.

A certified knowledge of English at minimum level B2 is also required.

Learning activities comprise taught courses, workshop-based projects and training/internships so that students can acquire a broad range of competencies, both theoretical and practical, that are transferable to the world of work, as well as life-long learning skills.

Learning outcomes are continuously assessed by means of written exams, oral exams, assignments, project reports, presentations, and group as well as student-teacher discussions.

For detailed information about the application process (requirements and deadlines), scholarships or if you are interested in taking classes in Italian, please write to