Master of science in Engineering in Computer Science University of Rome Sapienza

The Master Program in Engineering in Computer Science aims to develop software engineering specialists and researchers with both theoretical and practical knowledge of information systems.

The program addresses research, design and development of computer hardware and software, and provides the project management and leadership skills that are necessary for a responsible career in engineering.

In greater detail, the Master Program in Engineering in Computer Science will provide students with the ability to apply their knowledge to all aspects of computer system design. This includes:

  • Identify the best design, management and maintenance solutions for IT systems and applications;
  • Custom-tailor and apply innovative IT architecture and systems based on advanced technology;
  • Conceive and design innovative IT products;
  • Design, develop and supervise IT strategies for organisations;
  • Design, develop and supervise, in collaboration with other professionals, the development of dedicated applications (i.e., robotics, telecommunications, enterprise management).

Applicants are expected to have a strong academic background in computer science, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering. The program begins with a core set of courses and continues with elective courses that focus on advanced topics to allow students to build expertise in specific areas.


For detailed information about the application process (requirements and deadlines), scholarships or if you are interested in taking classes in Italian, please write to