Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering University of Pisa

Graduates of Aerospace Engineering will have the chance to continue their studies into higher education as well as pursue careers in the aerospace industry, public and private aerospace research institutions, the Air Force, and other industrial enterprises where the application of aerospace technology is especially relevant.

In this course:

Program Pre-Requisites / documents to be provided for pre evaluation:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in an engineering discipline or applied science (in English or Italian, any format).
  • Extensive undergraduate education in physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, mechanics, engineering and mathematics is required (in English or Italian).
  • The Admissions Committee may also consider research papers, publications and other original work (in English or Italian).
  • English proficiency certificate for non-English mother tongue. Minimum requirements:  CEF B2; IELTS 6.5

For more information about application process write to