Master Degree in Safety Engineering for Transport, Logistics, and Production University of Genoa


Master Degree Course in Safety Engineering for Transport, Logistics, and Production

The MSc in Safety Engineering for Transport, Logistics and Production aims at providing to student a high and advanced level of training, with particular reference to:

  • the risk assessment and management, and in particular the planning, design and management of both safety (protection against accidental events) and security (protection than intentional events)
  • the planning and management of the mobility of people and goods, through the knowledge of the fundamental elements of transport and logistic systems, as well as the criteria to define the physical characteristics of isolated infrastructures a network of infrastructures, with particular reference to the relevant functions and interdependencies
  • the development and use of advanced methods to manage logistics and production systems with the aim of achieve the best quality, safety and and sustainability of these kind of these systems
  • the analysis and evaluation of the externalities of transport, logistic and production systems, with explicit reference to the particular safety aspect and issues characterizing each phase of the mobility of people and goods, even within the production plants connected, and their interaction with surrounding environment


Duration: 2 Years

Credits: 120CFU

Admission: Free access

Location: Genova

Teaching language: English

Teaching mode: Lectures

Taxes and fees: From 0 to 3000 euros per year (depending upon your family income). 

International partnerships: Student exchange