Master Degree in Environmental engineering University of Genoa


Master Degree Course in Environmental Engineering

The Master of Science (MSc) course in Environmental Engineering is aimed at students trained as general engineers with broad skills on the technologies relevant to the environmental sector.

The study career provides knowledge for an adequate understanding of the physical and chemical processes that are at the base of the dispersion and diffusion of polluting substances in different types of fluids (air, water, porous media) and presents various insights on the interaction between the development and planning of activities and anthropic settlements with the surrounding environment, analyzing the pressures and risks associated with extreme events (natural hazards) and evaluating its ecological impact in order to develop eco-system based management.

Starting from specific knowledge, the environmental engineer trained in this course acquires an overview on issues related to environmental problems in order to be able to deal with them in a systematic way. The objective is to grasp the different aspects (physical processes, chemical processes, ecological processes, social processes, economic processes) and face them in one common context.

Duration: 2 Years

Credits: 120CFU

Admission: Free access

Location: Genova

Teaching language: English

Teaching mode: Lectures

Taxes and fees: From 0 to 3000 euros per year (depending upon your family income). 

International partnerships: Student exchange