Master Degree in Engineering for natural risk management University of Genoa


Master Degree Course in Engineering for natural risk management
The M.Sc. in Engineering for Natural Risk Management aims to train professionals capable of working in all sectors of safety and civil protection, both public and private, at national and international level. Thanks to its multidisciplinary nature, the program will provide the skills to coordinate the activities of a complex system such as civil protection.

With this in mind, the MSc graduate profile is not strictly specialized on a single technical area related to civil protection but oriented to the management and coordination of the whole system and its operations, in cooperation with specialists and technicians.

This multidisciplinary approach is reflected in the topics of the courses offered, largely devoted not only to disciplines strictly related to natural hazards (hydrology, hydraulics, geology, etc.) but also to information and communication technologies (ICT), in the belief that the latter are an essential support for the effectiveness and efficiency of a modern system of civil
protection. Issues associated with the legal, medical and communication aspects involved in risk management are also covered by the program, thanks to the optional courses offered.

The courses are fully taught in English. The fourth semester is mainly devoted to internships and thesis work to facilitate international exchanges and contacts with the labour market.


Duration: 2 Years

Credits: 120CFU

Admission: Free access

Location: Savona

Teaching language: English

Teaching mode: Lectures

Taxes and fees: From 0 to 3000 euros per year (depending upon your family income). 

International partnerships: Student exchange