International Program in Humanities University of Pisa

The International Program in Humanities (IPH) is a one-year program taught entirely in English. It is also the first year of a three-year Bachelor’s Degree program in either History, Philosophy, Cultural Heritage Studies or Sciences of Communication and Performing Arts. During the IPH students will develop their knowledge in various subject areas by attending a range of classes, visiting historical sites in central Italy, discovering local culture and meeting other students and people from all over the world. Students will experience a full immersion into Italian language and culture which will then prepare them to study 2 years in Italian.

In this course:

Program Pre-Requisites / documents to be provided for pre evaluation:

  • A High School Diploma after studying a minimum of 12 years (i.e.: elementary, middle and high school combined). If you have not finished High School yet you can send your latest school evaluation.
  • Curriculum Vitae (not mandatory).
  • The academic transcript with the full list of courses and grades (in English or Italian, any format).
  • English proficiency certificate for non-English mother tongue. Minimum requirements:  CEF B2; IELTS 6.5. Knowledge of Italian is not required (students will learn Italian during their first year).

For more information about application process write to