Bachelor Degree in Maritime science and technology University of Genoa


Bachelor Degree in Maritime science and technology

The main objective of the Degree Course is to train technicians at the management level of the vessel and technical role in companies in the maritime sector as envisaged by STCW. The STCW is an international convention that defines the minimum standards of competence of the professional figures in the maritime sector. In Italy this convention was implemented by the Ministry of Transport through a law and several decrees.

Two curricula are considered necessary: one oriented to the management of the ship (Deck Officer) and the other oriented to the management of on-board systems (engineer or technical role).

The basic educational activities (45 CFU) and characterizing (45 CFU) at university level are aimed at raising the level cultural and logical mathematical abilities of the students so that they can understand the characterizing formative activities (both university and application theoretical ones). The laboratory and training activities have the objective to provide the training in order to facilitate the achievement of qualification to the profession of merchant marine officer.

The Degree Course provides a training period of 4-6 months aboard the ship. Alternatively, the internship can be carried out in companies in the sector maritime / naval.

The remaining credits are dedicated to related disciplines, to English and the thesis.

Teaching is totally in English, the official language of the maritime sector.

Duration: 3 Years
Credits: 180CFU
Admission: Local admission test
Location: Genova
Teaching language: English
Teaching mode: Lectures
Taxes and fees: From 0 to 3000 euros per year (depending upon your family income).
International partnerships: Student exchange